Family Medicine Residency Program

Family Medicine Residency


View below more details on the Family Medicine Residency Program curriculum.

Areas of Concentration

The UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency faculty have approved the development of different areas of concentration for individual residents because recent trends have indicated an increasing desire by many residents to obtain focused expertise in a given area.

Private Practice Iniative

The Private Practice Initiative (PPI) provides residents with an opportunity to care for patients within the private practice setting, while learning more about how a private practice functions.

Duquesne Student Health

First year residents have the opportunity to experience the unique and enlightening world of college health through our partnership with Duquesne University. Physician’s provide comprehensive primary care focused on screening and education for students establishing personal goals and behaviors in a context of supportive independence.  Some third year residents, faculty development and sports medicine fellows provide longitudinal care in this exciting and caring environment.

Wages and Benefits

Visit the Wages and Benefits page to view Family Medicine resident's salaries and additional benefit information.


Family Medicine Residency Video