Family Medicine Residency Program


Family Medicine Residency

The Family Medicine Residency Program at UPMC St. Margaret was established in 1971 – one of the first in the country. At the heart of the program is a community hospital run by Family Medicine residents. 

Osteopathic Residency

The UPMC St. Margaret Osteopathic Residency Program is an important component of the UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency Program. This dually accredited residency program is the largest training program for Family Medicine in Western Pennsylvania.

Pharmacy Residency

The Pharmacy Residency Program at UPMC St. Margaret is nested within the Family Medicine Residency and Fellowship Program. UPMC St. Margaret holds a leadership role in family medicine as one of the oldest and largest Family Medicine Residency programs in Pennsylvania and has earned national recognition for the quality of its training and the caliber of its resident staff.

Family Medicine/Psychiatry Residency

The curriculum of the Family Medicine/Psychiatry Program is combined so that residents spend varying amounts of time per year in each discipline with longitudinal outpatient experiences that extend across all 5 years and represent family medicine primary care, psychiatric specialty care, as well as an integrated family medicine/psychiatry experience in a community health center.